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Chicago Health & Health Systems Project

Chicago Department of Public Health
with support from the Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute

The Chicago Health & Health Systems Project, through the initial support of the Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute, monitors and analyzes Chicago’s health care system. The Health Systems Project collects health care resource data from ambulatory primary health care centers and hospitals and uses these data to create comprehensive profiles for each of Chicago’s 77 community areas.

These Community Health Profiles include community-specific demographic information, maternal and child health indices, hospital discharge diagnoses, as well as health care resource capacity and utilization data. The Health Systems Project also produces individual Hospital Profiles, which provide information on various measures, including: the number of beds, admissions, average length of stay (ALOS), occupancy rate, etc.

The Chicago Health & Health Systems Project produced several reports, including:

  • Casting Chicago’s Health Care Safety Net: A 12-Year Review of Chicago’s Community-Based Primary Care System,
  • Serving Chicago’s Underserved: Regional Health Systems Profiles,
  • Chicago Hospital Profile 1999-2003, and
  • Profile of Chicago's Mental Health System, 2003.

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Terry Mason, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Commissioner, Chicago Dept. of Public Health

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